Why should you invest in a franchise? A partnership with SUNUP Insurance provides access to competitive products, technology platforms and training that allow retail store-fronts to add insurance sales to their operations.

We are led by some of the world’s most successful insurance agents. Our experience enables us to share proven sales practices, as we assist our Franchisee partners in building a strong client base. With our support, qualified entrepreneurs can maximize their return-on-investment through new areas of expertise.

The question is… Why not invest in a franchise?  Please visit our Steps to Ownership page for information on the next steps!


According to the Small Business Administration, up to 66% of small businesses in America fail before the 2nd year of operation. While there are a number of reasons for this failure, most would agree that the business owners lack of commitment to creating a solid foundation for the business to be the leading cause. The foundation we are referring to is more than a Business Plan and Organizational Chart…we are talking about Marketing Strategy, Branding, Operations Manuals, Employee Agreements, Compensation Plans and Systems Automation to name a few.

Because of the difficulty in creating this foundation for success, most astute business owners venture in the franchising world to limit their chances of failure. In fact, franchised business models have become the MOST SUCCESSFUL business model in the country, if not the world. After taking franchised businesses out of the equation, the insurance agency model is the next best thing.

SUNUP Insurance Services has combined two of the most successful business models on the planet to create an incredible business opportunity for the entrepreneurial minded individual. If you have EVER wanted to take control of your future and step out into the world of the self-employed, look no further. SUNUP may be just what you’ve been looking for!


Don’t reinvent the wheel. Take advantage of proven processes that have helped others rise to the top of the industry. Our methodology is rooted in
comprehensive product knowledge so you can best serve each unique client and achieve your own success in return.

Our training focuses on marketing your business to new and existing customers. We have processes that enable you to cross-sell insurance with other services – from real estate to tax preparation – while leveraging integrated relationship management.


The true key to success in your small business will be dependent on your ability to build systems in your agency. At SUNUP, we have made a tremendous investment in building training, recruiting and management systems for all of our employees, Area Representatives and Franchisee’s use.

The franchisor benefits from the transaction by being able to expand its brand and presence the franchisee benefits from the transaction by being able to be part of an established, reputable brand. The franchisee also benefits from receiving the training, coaching and support services of the franchisor to enable the franchisee to succeed.


Whether it is a quoting platform, a customer relationship management (CRM) system, or a mobile web app, we pride ourselves in being a cutting-edge insurance marketing company.

Time is one precious commodity we cannot waste. At SUNUP, we constantly review and test the latest technology resources to add efficiency to your client service processes. As part of the SUNUP Family, you will be able to use our technology resources and not have to do the work of identifying effective ways to use technology to help you operate and build your business.  In addition, you will have access to SUNUP’s Agent Center, which will help simplify your work, and attract and retain more members.


Through SUNUP, you could join a national brand that tells your members you’re looking out for their best interests. In addition, you can access a portal that can connect you with consumers who want to be your client.


As a SUNUP franchisee, you will be able to take advantage of their advanced support services, like service centers and marketing initiatives designed to help you prosper.


In partnership with the insurance carriers we represent, we can offer a wide range of personal and commercial insurance products. Because of the diversity of products that we have access to, you can provide your clients a range of policies and options that meet their needs.