Giving Back

Hero Appreciation Resource Empowerment


  • We will assist HEROES and their families
  • We will bring attention to our HEROES
  • We will show our appreciation for their sacrifices and service
  • We will bring resources and assistance to create newfound empowerment to these HEROES

SUNUP Insurance Services, Inc. desires to be a good corporate citizen. While SUNUP is a young entity in the insurance services community, the founders of SUNUP are determined to make giving and assisting a priority. SUNUP management will move to inspire it’s franchisees to adopt the mantra, “Doing well, while doing good”. In our daily lives, we are surrounded in our communities with “HEROES”, those have served in our nations military, law enforcement, fire fighters and other first responders.

Since September 11th, we have all come to be thankful for those who have served in these capacities and many who have given their lives for our protection. The SUNUP family: founders, executives, employees, partners and franchisees want to show their gratitude and support those HEROES.

SUNUP will work diligently to raise awareness and identify those in need. SHARE is our charitable foundation created as the vehicle to accomplish this. We hope you as a member of the community will join us in supporting our HEROES.

Reba B. Krider & Curry Krider Annual Gift


  • The receivers of this annual gift will be military / or their families
  • It is in honor of their service to this country
  • An annual memorial of $5,000 will be granted to the chosen recipient for each year

LTC Curry Waller Krider, Jr. passed away on Oct 16, 2013. LTC Krider served MACV in Vietnam from 1969-1970. While he served his country proudly, his wife Reba stayed in the states, praying for his safe return. Unfortunately, one of the casualties of the war, as with so many military families, was their marriage.

Respect and love never left Reba’s heart. She passed away July 13, 2016, and in her dying breathe, she stilled loved, respected and admired her former hero, and ex husband….Curry Krider. This gift if from their son, Jeremy. Thank you Jeremy!